Why shop with us?

Why Shop with 1kWatchShop?

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store (M2C), Tungsten Republic TC.857 International Standard

Great reasons to Buy Tungsten Rings from Tungsten Republic

1. 1kWatchShop Republic TC.857 International Standard

Our watches and other jewelry completely conform to European Union standard TC.857.

All Tungsten carbide rings made by PaziWatches are known for the stength and durability to ensures a lifetime of luster, eye-catching appeal, no allergy and durability.

2. The World's Major Supplier of Tungsten Rings

We sell Stainless watches at 1kwatchshop.com, at the same time, We are also supplying Wallets, Shoes and jewelry to the world's major brand jewelry merchants and retailers such as FOLLOW BEST and Zales.

3. Factory online store (M2C) - Absolutely Low Price Guarantee

M2C (Manufacturer to consumer) is a new business model that manufacturers provides products directly to the end consumers without the middle importers, exporters, wholesalers and retailers, etc., thus low price but good quality for end consumers ensured.

4. Our Mission

We are committed to providing high quality tungsten and ceramic jewelry for our customers at most favorable price. At the same time. We are also proud to offer custom engraving service for our customers.

There are more reasons to choose us?

Professional Retailer - We are the leading tungsten carbide rings retailer and also well-known designer and manufacturer.

Famous Supplier - We are doing our business with many famous jewelry brand merchants and retailers such as, FollowBest.com and Blue Nile's Men's Tungsten Bands;

Biggest Selection - A biggest selection of tungsten / ceramic rings for you to choose; The latest style and earliest release products;

Low Price Guarantee - Compared with the same types of tungsten jewelry, ours are of the best quality and lowest price;

FREE Shipping - We're proud to offer FREE shipping on every order to all the countries;

Customized Rings - Custom and design your own tungsten carbide / ceramic rings with any width and sizes;

QUALITY is EVERYTHING - We promise each of our products is Top quality. If you have found any quality problem, full money will be refund if the goods are not satisfied;

Build Your Own Rings - Your Design, Your Factory. At Tungsten Republic you can get a truly custom engraving on your tungsten and ceramic ring;

Your Attention:

1. There are many lower prices similar types of tungsten and ceramic products sold on some online stores and eBay, but you cannot tell whether they are genuine or fake and even cannot guarantee the quality, technology and material is up to standard. So, you have to be careful with your choice.

2. Most of our products are in stock. We promise to immediate delivery goods within 1 working day. If your selected products are not available, our factory will complete your order in 3 - 5 days after receiving the payment and free express delivery to you.

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